Diamond Diploma

Diamonds are the most commercially important gem material, with a huge global market.
A good understanding of diamond grading is essential for the buying, selling and trading of diamond. Gem-A’s Diamond Diploma is recognized as one of the most comprehensive and valuable diamond qualifications worldwide.

Why study the Diamond Diploma?

The Diamond Diploma course gives students a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of diamonds and how the diamond market operates. With a combination of theory and practical tuition, you will study all of the factors that affect a diamond’s appearance and properties. You will learn about diamond grading, the 4Cs (carat weight, colour, clarity and cut) and the other factors that influence value, as well as how to identify and recognize imitations and treatments. Our course focuses on the use of the loupe for grading and includes a review of rough diamonds.
Holders of the Diamond Diploma are eligible to apply for election to Diamond Membership of the Association, entitling them to use the letters DGA after their name. 

Who is it suitable for?

Our Diamond Diploma is suitable for those who need to study diamonds in-depth, either to further their career or to fuel their passion, and is the ultimate education in diamonds.

Career prospects

Studying the Diamond Diploma will supercharge your diamond career. You will gain a thorough understanding of diamonds and the diamond trade, as well as learning transferable key skills, such as how to record and present data accurately, how to evaluate and think critically about issues within the trade, as well as employing creative problemsolving skills.
Graduates of the Diamond Diploma may go on to study our Advanced Diamond Grading course whilst some go directly into a career.

Course features

You will learn:

  • to recognize and describe the structure of a diamond and how this relates to its physical and optical properties
  • the different diamond types and colour mechanisms occurring within diamonds
  • to recognize and distinguish between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds and to compare and identify a diamond and its simulants
  • how to make, record, sketch and communicate reliable and valid observations of rough diamond crystals
  • the geological processes involved in diamond formation and how occurrence and locality affect the mining and recovery of diamonds
  • the cutting of a diamond, including the history of diamond cutting and style
  • to describe the diamond grading process, the various systems used and how grading affects the value of a diamond
  • the ethical, social, economic, environmental and technological implications of the diamond supply chain
  • to accurately interpret, explain, evaluate and communicate diamond testing results.

Course materials

Students will receive:

  • fully illustrated Diamond Diploma course notes
  • diamond grading manual
  • diamond instrument kit, containing 10x lens, thermal tester, stone tweezers, stone cleaning cloth and a long-wave ultraviolet key-ring
  • diamond crystal model.

For more information on course dates times and fees including ODL options, click here.
To download a copy of the syllabus, click here.


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