Gem-A, which began as a Gemmological Committee of the National Association of Goldsmiths, first introduced a gemmology qualification in 1908 in order to encourage jewellers to understand the gems they were selling and to identify the fakes. Now, with the variety of gemstones encountered on the market and the diversity of treatments, synthetics and imitations, an internationally recognised qualification in gemmology is essential for any professional jeweller or gem dealer. Our qualifications will increase your career potential.

Why study with us?

Whether you are simply passionate about gems or need to gain a qualification to pursue your dream job, Gem-A has courses to suit you.

  • Our Gemmology Diploma is internationally recognized as the most distinguished international gem qualification available in the trade.
  • We are the longest-established provider of gem education in the world, having provided gemmological education for over 100 years.
  • Successful graduates of our Gemmology Diploma and Diamond Diploma are eligible to apply for the prestigious FGA and DGA Membership of Gem-A respectively, an esteemed global network of gem professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Our courses are taught by enthusiastic, expert instructors with real trade experience.
  • All of our courses cover a wide base of knowledge and prepare you for a career progression in the gem and jewellery industry.

Course Options

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain provides a range of courses that lead to internationally recognised gem qualifications. 

  • The Gemmology Foundation course leads to the Foundation Certificate, enabling our new Cert GA status without need for membership.
  • The Gemmology Diploma course leads to the Diploma Certificate, and eligibility to apply for membership leading to FGA status.
  • Diamond Grading and Identification course leads to the Practical Gem Diamond Certificate, a module of the Gem Diamond Diploma which enables graduates to apply for DGA status.
  • The Diamond Diploma course includes theory and practical examinations and enables graduates to apply for DGA status.
  • Lab Classes and Workshops operate at many levels. Some provide a fantastic opportunity for the beginner or hobbyist to look a little deeper into the subject of Gemmology before embarking upon the full Foundation and Diploma. Some are aimed at seasoned Gemmologists and those in the trade wishing to deepen their knowledge.

You can study for these courses in some thirty countries around the world, but you must have the Gemmology Foundation Certificate before you can advance to our Gemmology Diploma exam.


FGA and DGA Status

As a Graduate of our Gemmology Diploma, you are invited to apply for election to Fellowship of The Gemmological Association and when elected may use the coveted initials FGA after your name for as long as you remain a paid-up member of the Association. Graduates of our Gem Diamond Diploma course may similarly apply for election as Diamond Members of The Gemmological Association and use the coveted letters DGA after their name as long as they remain paid-up members. For more information about membership, click here.


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